CQC — BACK IN 2016!

Dear readers,

I’ve to thank everybody for your fierce patience and loyalty! Although CQC has not been relaunched yet, your reactions are still insane. Every month I’m getting plenty messages from you and I really appreciate every single one!

Now that you’ve been waiting so long for this blog to be relaunched (– and please believe me, I really wanted to revive it in 2015), I owe you an explanation: Coûte Que Coûte in future will be »slightly« (question of interpretation…) different – with a complete new website and an entire nouveau look and feel.

In »real life« I’m a freelancer in the field of communication design (mostly booked for editorial- and web design) and a lecturer for typography and blogging at a private university in Germany. CQC was and still is one of my ongoing personal projects, but every now and then it’s really, really hard to reconcile it with my other obligations. Notwithstanding the above, 2015 for me was a year fraught with blows of fate… and this of course is the main reason for the huge and unpardonable delay. I really promise to improve and sorry, sorry, sorry for the disappointments…

If everything will turn out as expected (hope dies last), CQC will be back approx. (autumn/)winter this year. I’m wishing you all my best for 2016 – may the force be with you and may all your wishes and expectations come true!